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Curriculum is a basic tool for realizing the objectives of a course of study. It revolves around the core subjects of English, Urdu, Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General Science, Social Studies and Computer Studies.

To cater the needs of Gujranwala's high rate of urbanization (being the highest in Punjab) by improving the quality of human and material resources through a functional system of sound education.

Curriculum revision at the college is almost a continuous exercise in view of the changing demands of society and the need for relevance; which means relating knowledge to practical roles in the world around. Consequently, the latest trends in different subjects of study are carefully examined before framing a curriculum. Not only that, the exercise looks at least 10 years ahead because the student who follows a curriculum today will play an effective role in society after several years. In fact, the children of today will spend the greater part of their lives in the 21st century. Since much of the educational efficiency depends on the viability of the curriculum, every effort is made to keep it up-to-date and realistic. English, as an international language, is used for the medium of instruction, while the importance of Urdu as a national language is never compromised.

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