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Juior School

“A mother’s lap is child’s first institution”

The toddlers jumping out of the mother’s laps and some institutes to tame, train and benefit them, to become successful and responsible citizen of society. The junior school campus of QPC provides an excellent opportunity for the children to be groomed and educated in a perfect environment.

Junior school can boast to have the most seasoned faculty on offer in the whole region. It caters for the needs of all aspirants as it offers the matchless variety and range to everybody. We are very proud to offer primary classes, hifz-e-quraan facility side by side. The most important feature in a child’s education is his/her handwriting. To improve upon this dimension of a child’s life we have calligraphy teacher, art teacher to improve upon aesthetics of children and sports the teachers perform the ordeal of keeping the young ones fit and flexible.

Their academic calendar is devised and designed very carefully and all out efforts are made to groom a child into an all round student. Speeches tableaus, spelling competitions skits language competitions find a regular space into our annual calendar. The result is quite amazing as the number of admissions every year is soaring higher and higher.

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