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Standard teaching involves the transmission of knowledge and cultivation of intellectual skills such as the extension of perspectives, deepening of perceptions, heightening of sensitivities, release of creative impulses and the rendering of judgements. This list could be endless as the human potentials. The college endeavours to promote all these characteristics of human personality through intimate relationship between the teacher and the taught. consequently, the role of the teacher is fully acknowledged. More than 100 teachers hold master degrees and professional qualification in various subjects. About 80 percent of them are ladies of enlightened backgrounds.

The available teaching aids include projectors, slides, films, recordings, audio and video tapes, televisions, computers, and all the rest. These aids, used imaginatively, facilitate the grasp of concepts rather than rote memorization of lengthy texts. The library is stocked with selected books, educational journals and pictorial encyclopaedias which help to create a longing for learning. The well-equipped laboratories of Physics, Chemistry and Biology strengthen the practical side of teaching in these subjects. A computer laboratory, equipped with 54 computers, introduces this technology to the students through a system of rotation. In short, the ultimate aim is to create a life-long thirst for knowledge, stimulate the inquisitive mind and inculcate a commitment to remain abreast of the world through science and scholarship

For nursery children, the montessori department provides a wide range of activities that help in the development of hand muscle and motor nerves. Singing provides a fascinating ethos to satisfy a child's aesthetic sense; rhymes and recitals provide delightful exercise for tongue-rolling and getting acquainted with unfamiliar words. The art teacher stirs up their imagination and mental grasp. The beginners in the junior sections (Nursery and prep) are instructed for skits, singing and tableau competitions. They are patted up to exhibit their best performances. The Kids Show is usually a charming display of such items, witnessed eagerly by the parents and the visitors.

Thus the college endeavours to produce the citizens of tomorrow with a balanced personality, humane profile and a high degree of social consciousness. They are cut out for performing leadership roles in every situation of life.

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