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Parental Involvement

Parents have a critical role in the learning process of their children. It is a common observation that the students having educated and helpful parent show better results than the other ones. A mother is the first institution for a child. A student learns 80% from his/her mother. It is for this reason that good institution award add marks to the admission merit of young children for the education of their parents. Even they discuss with the parents how they would be able to help their wards in their studies. It is a good advice that parents must help/teach their sons/daughters on their own instead of a tutor, at least at primary and middle level. They can guide, teach and train their wards in a better way as they know all the weaker and stronger points of personality of their wards. They know about their mental level and stamina. They know about their Physical and mental abilities. Parents can also help their wards by seeing their class teachers timely and then following their directions properly. They can also help their wards by giving them option to select the subjects of their own choice and not forcing them their own choice or liking. Parents can also help them by providing them necessities of a student timely i.e pen, pencil, notebooks, books and bag etc.

It is hoped that parents will provide a studying environment at home to their children which is very important and necessary. Otherwise students will not be able to concentrate on their studies and their will not be any excellent performance report/result.



Amjad Pervaiz

Head Master

Boys School – QPC

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